Sunday, December 12, 2004

P&J Quiet Sunday

I just arrived fron the grocery store, bought myself some bread. I'm having peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. The parents rushed for Sorsogon to take care of my grandmama who had an accident and fractured her knee :-( They won't be back for a week or two so I'll be home alone till they return.

Its a most amazing Sunday afternoon. The sky is as blue as it can be with thin, puffy clouds lightly scattered just over the horizon. Traffic is minimal so theres not much carbon monoxide. I have the house for myself and finally have some peace and quiet. I didn't go to church today :-)

Pardon me, I'm not being sarcastic or backslidic or even demonic. Its just that there are times that I know I can meet God inside my room than inside a church. Sometimes church activities stress me out: fellowships this-fellowships that, leaders this-leaders that, practice this-practice that, and the list goes ever on. I often wonder if God is really pleased with all these activities. I'm not saying that church activities are bad or traditions are dreadful, I like fellowships enjoy cell groups and band practices a lot, its just that when you find yourself feeling numb of it all, search your heart and ask yourself if you're really seeking God. Are you really doing it all for Him?

People get caught up in churchy traditions unknowingly drift farther away from God. And before they or their leaders know it, they get caught in the storms of life. Only then they realize that they're too far away at sea and not equipped to get out of the storm. Sad but so true.

Okay... if one week passed and there are no posts after this one, it means my cellgroup leader killed me already :-)

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