Saturday, December 04, 2004


Its been days since I've watched that tv show but I still find myself still crying when my thoughts are unpurposely directed towards it. I have to write about it.
I happen to stumble upon this talkshow which often feature life stories and truimph over trials. Sometimes they show celebrity issues and the like, actually, they cover any topic as long as its relevant in present day living.

This time they showed their christmas gift-giving to the impoverished South African children.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of the child? I mean, really look deep that you can almost think the innocent thoughts that play in their minds? That you feel the emotions they are feeling?

I have.

I've seen pure joy in the eyes of a child, joy so pure that if you pass it through fire it would still come out the same. Oh mhen! how I would love to capture that moment with my camera. That moment when they open their gift boxes and find dolls and soccer balls and the best clothes they could ever own in their lives. I've watched them as they learn to tie shoelaces for the first time and wear their brightly colored backpacks.

South African grassland, sunset, children walking away, innocence, orange backpacks, white rubber shoes, soccer balls, dolls...

Joy, plain and simple.

Pure joy.

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