Sunday, December 19, 2004


I have a tendency to be overloaded with certain emotions whenever I hear music that triggers the artistic part of me. It happens more frequently now that some years were added to my age. I'm not old, I just turned 28, but inside it feels like I've lived at another lifetime centuries ago :-) There are songs that really hit me bigtime like Amazing Grace played on bagpipes, Lupang Hinirang (National Anthem), LOTR's Samwise the Brave, Theme on Forrest Gump and a bunch more that I don't have the slightest idea what their titles are.
Usually it comes when I hear music without words. I guess what people say is true, that sometimes things expressed without words have the most meaning.

The overload also happens when I see images that touch my heart like children playing in the streets, farmers carrying their produce to the town plaza, mountains, horizons, clouds (clouds are my favorite, they're very unpredictable and they look different everyday) and the sunsets. Usually any random image that shows the drama of real life and beauty of God's creation. I even caught myself crying in an FX taxi when I saw soldiers hoisting the Philippine flag in Rizal park, duh! And I wondered what the heck happened that made me cry!

Ano ba!!! Parang nagiging corny na talaga ako :-)

Oh well, I guess the Father is just working on a different side of me...

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