Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The Pres. Q and Mrs. Q treated us to a spa today. It was my first time as I was always avoiding massages, I guess I'm afraid of being tickled to death and also the price for a massage for these establishments were way over my "middle income bracket" taste. Also, my idea for relaxation is swimming, out of town trips or just plain imprisoning myself in my room with a good book and some tasty snacks.

The torture that I was expecting turned out to be an enjoyable experience. It began when upon entering the lobby, the smell was so relaxing and the ambient light spoke to my body telling it to "relax, calm down and enjoy". I kept on asking Mrs. Q what to do next. And finally she said "go inside that room and get a massage". A Spa crew handed me my robe, towel and keys to a locker. I kept repeating this silent prayer: "Oh God! Help me endure everything that I'm about to experience". And suddenly I found myself in a not so dark room with ecclectic music and a girl massaging me. After countless squeezing, stretching and finally stepping in my humanity. Oo, inapakan niya ako!!! It was siatzu, a Japanese way of massaging by applying pressure and sometimes stepping on backs. I found myself enjoying it all, in fact, I had fun.

After the massage, I sat down at the lounge and drank myself some ginger tea then we all proceeded to the jacuzzi to half-boil ourselves. There are saunas that are wet and dry, I tried out the wet sauna which was full of steam that smelled like menthol. Inhaling it felt good in the throat. You hardly see each other inside that room. When a dose of extra steam puffed out I got a bit jumpy, as some you don't know I'm claustrophobic, so that room freaked me out in the beginning but as I adjusted it turned out ok. After feeling my fats dripping out my skin lied down to relax some more. Then Mrs. Q dared us to jumped into the pool of cold water, and it is cold as in ice cold! One thing I know about myself is I usually embrace dares, as it is a time to challenge onself and try something new. But I admit, the thought of jumping into that ice cold pool was pretty scary... naaah! what the hell..!!!

And I jumped...

I felt a thousand pins pricked my whole tingling body...

And it felt d*mn good!!!

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