Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Flesh is Strong After All

Just came home from Baywalk. Saya-saya!

Okay, so I went out with my friend Evs. We never got to stare at the fountain, eat taho and cotton candy, but we ate hotdogs and drank ice coffee in front of the historical Malate church instead. Dumaan lang kami sa fountain. Afterwards, we crossed the vast Ped Xing and continued eating the hotdogs near the sea. Sunset na eh, and I want to stare at the sunset. I want to stare at the sunset. I want to stare at the sunset. I want to stare at the sunset. There.. I've said it enough!

Before it became too dark, my friend Seth, another office burnout victim, joined us. She took a liking to my baon of spicy sampaloc and pili nuts.


I wish we can get to do this more often. Just relax by the bay and talk about what's happening in our lives. The weather was actually perfect. A cloud formation was blocking the sun so it wasn't hot. Also, the sunbeams were dramatic!

We spent hours talking and laughing when a light drizzle made us leave. "Hapchan na lang tayo" And we walked along the bay while heaven's sprinkler was turned on. The flesh is strong after all, hehe! Hapchan was farther than we thought but the long walk was worth it. Sarap kaya ng food dun. Yum!

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