Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Spirit is Willing
(To Go Out)

Beautiful Saturday morning…

I’m having coffee and watching my Dad cook fried chicken. Manay (Auntie in Bicol) is packing rice and weighing them on the scales. News about the government insurance controversy is piping on the radio. Evs texted me yesterday asking “Saan lakad mo ngayon?” I’m not going anywhere today, I know I need rest as my voice still sounds nasal funny. I still feel a little weak -- I think my energy level is still on a buffer.

Oh, but I want to go out today! Eat with my friends, watch a movie and wait for the sunset down at Roxas Boulevard. And at night, stare at the giant fountain while eating cotton candy and taho.

Enter Clusivol jingle: Not enough vitamins, kulang sa gimik…

Zoom in: My sad face (in sepia tone)

Dissolve to: My friends laughing without me enjoying cotton candy ( in vibrant color)

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


Hmm… Maybe I’ll go to the bookstore later and buy me-self a book (huuu! maghanap ba ng excuse) I saw the last copy of “Sea Biscuit” on the shelf weeks ago but had no money that time. And as I’ve always done since high school days I hid it in the deepest, innermost caverns of the shelf and pray to God that nobody sees it, hehe! I hope its still there! Pls.. Gaahhdd!

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