Monday, January 05, 2004

The End of the Holidays

Sleeping time. As I turned the lights off I noticed the beauty of our Christmas tree. Well, its not really a magnificent tree with glorious decorations that reaches up to the ceiling, its not even a tree; its more of a vine?!. Yes, a vine! My mom and I hung it in such a way that it would intertwine with the stair pillars. We put magenta and pink balls and fuchsia (I hope I spelled that right) flowers and finally the lights. It was all very pretty. I stood there at the base of the stairs gazing at it and trying to capture the feeling of warmth it invoked; it was he only source of light for I turned everything off. I said to myself this maybe the last time that I will be able to appreciate its beauty for the holiday season is over and soon I’ll be very busy again.. very busy that I won’t be able to hear and understand the lights as I do now :-(