Wednesday, December 31, 2003

God Out of the Box

These are the last moments of 2003. Everybody is in a happy mood. All our neighbors are making all these ear-numbing racket, firecrackers and loud music seem to be the favorite every year. Generally, I’m happy, happy, happy these holiday seasons despite the fact that I’m broke and I have tons of work to do.

This 2003 has been an unbelievable year; it started with a sudden farewell, a friend who left for the mission fields, my first year at work, the could have been resignation, the Germany surprise, the super hectic schedules, the racketeering to death, the computer room construction dilemma, the music career comeback… Haay!

Its been a tent stretching, chord lengthening and peg tightening year. And also I realized that God fulfilled many dreams and granted many wishes like taking me to different places like Boracay and an island in Batangas to snorkel. He also gave me the opportunity to serve Him through music again, I’m back in the worship team. In 2004 if God allows it I’m going to leave the country be it mission or work. And maybe just maybe my mom’s dream of having an apo will come true. Who knows! Anything is possible.

My prayer: that God would grant me more wisdom and strength. I think that 2004 is a year when He will reveal himself in a way He has never before. God out of the box.