Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's Your Inspiration?

Anonymous SevenThis post is a reply to iRonnie's tag to write about seven bloggers who inspire me but not reveal their identities. It is also an appreciation of people who influence me with how they live their lives and write about it in ways that's impact us positively. I wish I could tell you their names but the requirement is they remain anonymous. And because I've written this late, I will not pass this tag anymore. Of course if you want to tag yourself with this then go right ahead. It is always a good thing to spread encouragement and positive energy.

So who are my inspirations? Here they are.

  1. Funny, witty, and sincere. The best copywriter I've ever worked with. You are my inspiration on learning how to write. I guess we are proof that close friends doesn't need to be close in terms of distance. Easy on the chocolates! Thanks you for sharing with me the funny side of life.

  2. A girl can have so many dreams but you trained me to work hard and focus on what I really want -- like a sniper to his target. You are an encourager, giver, teacher and a father. Thank you for sharing your insights and your wisdom. I will never forget when you said that I was you're biggest kid. I hope you mean oldest and not fattest haha! I will appreciate it either way because you are my mentor.

  3. You have so much in store for you yet you gave it up to seek the lost. I can never understand. Yet I respect and support your calling and my utmost admiration I give to you. Take care of yourself in that land and I pray you find the them for Him.

  4. A kindred, thats how I see you. You are the only one I can talk to about my misunderstandings with my art. You are the only one who truly understands the artistic weirdness that I often hide for fear that people may find me uhm.. weird. Thank you for helping me reconcile myself with my artistic stand.

  5. You've been through a lot but still you remain. I admire you for your persistence to have a better future and now that you have it I'm so happy for you. We go a long way back and I wish that we go a long way further.

  6. A techie and it shows. I am always excited to open the pages of your blog. I know there is something new written there that will make me come back for more. In a way you inspire me to write more and not be lazy hehe!

  7. We were with you when the bombs deafened you. We were there when troops invaded your land. Writing about your experiences felt like we were there with you. Oh it’s been years since I visited your blog and I hope its still there. I hope you’re okay. You are the reason why I started blogging. In fact, I think you’re the reason why the whole world started blogging.


iRonnie said...

thanks gigi. :D

sino yung pang 7 mo? na curious tuloy ako.

Jayred said...

Ghie, feeling ko ako yung number 6. LOL. Kasi sabi mo "a techie and it shows." LOL. Dream on, Jayred!

Malapit na alis ninyo...God bless.

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Ronnie, he's a man from Iraq. He blogged about his experiences during Operation Desert Storm, when the US forces (and allies) invaded Iraq. I don't have a link to his blog anymore.

Jayred, oo ikaw yung 6th hehe!(winks)

shing said...

CQ ba ang two? missed browsing this blog, grabe...sobrang daming haappenings kemenings, but no time for the actual blogging...will find time to write more, ate gi...

thanks for the updates. funny yung friendster chorva mo, hahaha

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Sorry can't tell you. Anonymous daw dapat hehe..
I understand. Marami din akong utang sa journal ko. Just make sure u don't forget what you need to write :-)