Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sketches: Yoda

Sketches: Yoda, originally uploaded by Litratista.

Bored in class what to do I know not. So sketch the face of Yoda I did. (A sketch from years ago)

When I was a child pencils and paper made me feel good. Pencils were my friends when I was lonely. I am an only child you see. And most of the time I wasn't allowed to go outside the house to play.

I went to grade school and my pencils were always there with me. They comfort me and made me feel good. I became a teenager and I would have my pencils and a sketchpad in my bag wherever I go. My pencils were my voice.

Then one day I bought a computer and I discovered Photoshop. And Photoshop became my new sketchpad, the mouse my new pencil. I discovered that my voice became louder and everybody listened when I speak.

Now I want to be quiet for a while. Just for a while..

I miss my old pencils. I miss my sketchpad. I miss my old voice.


iRonnie said...

nga pala gigi, if you find time to do the 7 Anonymous tag. pero pwede din na hindi. :p

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Oh ok. Sure I'll try my best to write some.

Anonymous said...

Galing ng Yoda sketch!

Nothing beats traditional tools pa rin.

Ako, I still use my pen and notebook when I travel. :-) Pero lately, nirarayuma na ako kaya hirap na magsulat, LOL.

ashley said...

hahaha...kakatuwa ka naman gigi...pati pananalita ni Yoda, kuhang-kuha mo!!! ganda ng sketch na ito! and also your shots! ganda naman!!!

btw, got a frienster blog, too. in-add kita sa aking links ha. u might wanna check this out!

Anonymous said...

wow, galing..

shing said...

i understand how pencils were your friends, ate gi. I was an "only child" until I was stories were my friends...books and pen and paper were my world. I got bored easily...

And then I discovered being published! :P heehee