Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Memoriam

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My cat Keng-keng died last night. We weren't sure if she was run over by a vehicle but a neighbor saw her lying flat on the street. I really miss her. She was the most affectionate cat. Actually she isn't really my cat, she just showed up in our doorstep one day and I fed her. From then on she kept on coming back and we adopted her.

She probably crossed the street to look for some food for her kittens. She gave birth to 2 kittens a few months ago. Now they are motherless. Poor guys.

People exclaim "Ano ba? Pusa lang yan!" (C'mon! It's just a cat!). They think its stupid getting sad over a cat but I don't care. I love my pets.

When I was seven years old my dog was run over by a vehicle too. It was a traumatic experience for a kid. Now I feel it happening again. Events like these make me not want to have pets anymore. *Sigh.*

I am so sad. I miss Keng-keng very much. If there's a cat heaven, I hope she's happy there.


iRonnie said...

sorry to hear that but dont stop having pets.

Jayred said...

My condolences, Ghie.

I know how it feels. My pet dog Chacha died in June 2003, and I was completely devastated. Until now, I'm still grieving, although in a sub-conscious level.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys.
Kawawa lang talaga ung pusa :-(


ashley said...

please take my hand, i deeply sympathize with you, i can imagine how you feel. we also lost Furball, a stray kitten who adopted us, who died of anemia and some liver infection in December 2005. we cried a lot, too.

don't worry, time heals, maybe soon u will find urself adopting another pet again. they do teach us a lot about loving.

saritalad said...

sorry to hear about your loss:( it happened to me as well..a long time puppy was ran over by a car and i was crying the whole night:(...i didn't have a pet until last year...i adopted a lost kitten that was crying on the first time to have a cat pet..i love and care for her much and i know that i will cry if something happen to her:(

Anonymous said...

Thanks ate. You'll love cats, I promise. They're not the habol-habol type like dogs but they are really malambing as pets. And they clean themselves up.