Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some HK Videos

Have you tried Windows Moviemaker? You should - it's really easy.

Years ago I really looked down on Moviemaker. At that time I thought it was so limiting for me and there isn't much you can do with it, creatively speaking. I was a Premiere (Adobe) die hard fan and sometimes a Vegas (Sony) user when my RAM couldn't keep up. But when I sold my old computer, I was left with the humble Moviemaker.

Not bad really. I actually like it. You just have to make "diskarte" and be artistic. Here's one I made during our visit to Ocean Park. I saved it small for easy download. Music is called South Rim by Nicholas Gunn.

And here's another one with just photos sprinkled with old film filter effect. Music is titled Inspector Mills by America. Why Inspector Mills? I don't know - it just kept ringing on my head during the whole trip kind of like an extended mutated strain of a last song syndrome hehe...

Cool huh?! Try it - unleash the video editor in you!


Genfaith said...

why "inspector mills"? i had that question in my mind but wasn't able to ask you...i tried to figure out what's the connection...anywayz...i know we had fun....thanks friend:)

nice video...i like it..

Jayred said...

Nostalgic yung dating ng second video. Mala Nora Aunor era. LOL. Ok yung music.

Na-inspire uli ako gumawa ng video, thanks. Dati gumawa ako with music, tapos nag-crash naman yung laptop ko. Ngek.

Telegenic and photogenic ka talaga, Ghie. Saka ganda talaga yung bangs.

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

ewan ko nga why i kept singing that song hehe... LSS nga siguro.

jayred, mala nora aunor ba hehe! photogenic at telegenic. pati talikodgenic hehe.. salamat.
di ka na nga gumagawa ng video pala. gawa ka ulit. ung continuation ng peep hole mo.


Jayred said...

I did noon (2005) a video showing a collation of travel pics in Prague. May music na kasama. Kaya lang nag-crash yung PC. Sayang.

Yung peephole videos, di na natuloy. Voyeur daw ako sa ni Patrice. LOL