Thursday, May 11, 2006

When it rains

It's been raining since yesterday. I hope the sun will show her face this weekend. It just feels happier when it’s sunny. The grass is greener and the sees bluer. When it rains, everything turns to gray.

When it rains, everything turns to gray.

When it rains that's when you see the things that need seeing. That’s when things become clear in a certain way. For sometimes the sun's light forces us to see so many things that we couldn't see what’s important anymore. We couldn't see the things that really matter. Sunny days are good but sometimes it can make us blind.

When it rains, everything turns to gray. But the sun can sometimes make us blind.


Jayred said...

Ang lalim ng message.... :-) Pero gets ko naman ang gusto mo sabihin (hehe).

I love, love, love this photo!

Patrice said...

Wow, nice photo. Haay, reminds me of the fact that it is hurricane season again in FL.

Anonymous said...

onga jayred ako din parang nalaliman ng husto... pero buti naman gets mo.

jayred and pat, di ko kuha ito. nakuha ko lang ito somewhere in the net. dapat pala nilagyan ko ng credits. baka mademanda ako hehe...