Saturday, January 28, 2006

Space Between Us

In a healthy relationship, we accept that each of us has unique thoughts, feelings, interests, and viewpoints.

We dont feel threatened by differences, because we trust, respect, and honor each other.

Our relationship doesn't depend on giving up ourselves. We may share many activities, interests and beliefs. we may agree on many issues and decisions. But we are also free to disagree, to pursue interests, and to keep growing and changing in unique ways. Our personal growth contributes to the deepening and strengthening of our relationship.

Joining together is a beautiful human experience when it is shared by whole people, complete in themselves. The space between is not a pit of lions, ready to devour us. It is a free-flowing river, over which we can build a bridge of trust, respect, and love.

--- from the box of CELESTIAL SEASONINGS Caffeine Free Herb Tea

Photo: ASCM President's Office, Interaction and Development Team
From the left: Shing, Me!, Bang, Leinie (now in Thailand)
photo by Sherry Quinley
ASCM President's Office

* * * * *

Habang umiinom ako ng tsaa kagabi, nabasa ko ito sa likod ng kahon. Naalala ko itong mga ka-team ko sa office. Kahit napakarami naming trabaho, cool pa din ang isa't-isa. Kahit lunod na sa stress, smile pa din! I'm proud of being a part of this team.

Kapag talaga umiinom ng tsaa, maraming nagaganap na muni-muni. (When drinking tea, many muni-muni happens.)


CHINA said...

a tsaa, plus kape plus pandesal plus sinagang plus tuyo makes you lotsa muni muni. i guess?! id like to try :)

afol said...

huwaw ate gi! ako naman pag umiinom ng gatas. hehehe... parang bata.

na-miss na kita ah... yung new color ng blog ko courtesy of alps. under renovation pa nga un eh. di pa tapos. ü

Anonymous said...

hi china, the charmed one. thanks for visiting!

apold, kaya pala ang tangkad mo e, hilig mosa gatas. laking nido ba? hehe


Patrice said...

Pag UST-CAFA talaga malakas sens of humor! hehe!

Mhel said...

... he!he!he! kagandang mga babae talaga!

afol said...

hahaha. hindi na'ko umiinom na. bear brand lang pero tumataba ako kaya hininto ko na...

sabi ng nanay ko anmum na lang este, anlene pala. hehehe. kailangan kasi for my backbone. ü

date tayo ate gi! hahaha