Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Edge Radio

Last October 2004, my boss excitedly talked to me about his vision of putting up a radio station. I kept on nodding as he mentioned technical words like transmitter, megawatts, and satellites. I think I’m a technically proficient person but these words sound foreign to me. Partly because I'm a graphic designer and I have not been exposed to the world of radio broadcasting. I’ve never been face-to-face with such technologically gigantic words. And so I listened intently trying to comprehend the broadcasting jargons that he kept on saying until I heard these: “This radio station will be different from all the other stations; it will only play contemporary Christian music. It’ll be a voice that will say enough of the junk we hear on the airwaves everyday! We will only play positive music; we will only speak positive words!

The Edge Radio was born.

* * * * *

A few months later…

Gigi: Shing, (writer) mag-isip ka na ng tagline.

Shing: Anong tagline ba ang medyo bagay… Anong gusto mo?

Gigi: Yung tipong Redeem the Airwaves ang dating.

Shing: Redeem the Airwaves?! Yun na lang!

And we both laughed…

* * * * *

Redeem the Airwaves!
The First Contemporary Christian Radio Conference in the

It was a time to gather people who have the same passion of communicating God’s love to the lost through radio. We had delegates from Zamboanga, Dipolog, Bicol, Iloilo, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan & Manila. Our conference speakers were Gary Hoogvliet of UCB New Zealand, John Tan of CBN Indonesia. Dr. Chuck Quinley, our CEO, Ron Titular, our Station Manager and Jim Reyes, our Communication Officer also presented their subjects.

We had topics like Christian Media and the Future, Speaking Skills and Techniques, Technology and Broadcasting, and Basic Radio Production. We opened our computer labs so we could teach Jazler, the software we use in the radio station. We had a mini concert where local artist gave us a taste of what contemporary Christian music is about.

On the last day they asked for delegates who will commit to the vision. Immediately almost everybody stood up and went up front. It was an emotional moment for me and I was crying at the back of the room thanking God for bringing together people with the same passion.

A year ago it was just a vision.

Now Listen…

Know more about The Edge Radio | UCB International

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