Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Massage Anyone?

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My Mom does massage therapy for a living. Its one of the few things she's focusing her attention on right now. She's good, promise! Here are what some of her clients say:

Nakatulog ako habang mina-massage, sobra akong na-relax. Natanggal pa yung mga masakit sa likod ko.

- Bang, Recruitment Director

Ang galing ni tita! Matagal nang masakit ang likod ko pero nawala nung minassage niya.

- Leinie, Student

Sarrrap!!! Mukhang linggo-lingo mauulit ito!

- Madonna, FEU Professor

Gumaan pakiramdam ko!

- Cely, Nanay ni Madonna

Massaging isn't just learned, it's a gift. Remember that a mere touch encourages, relaxes and heals. I find tita Nel's hands as gifts made to heal not just my tired body but my mind and soul as well. I have been undergoing physical therapy because of my spinal problem. I was in constant pain before but after sessions of healing massage, I call it as such, from tita Nel, I felt relieved and relaxed. It's one thing to know and another thing to experience. Experience the TOUCH my friends... and be healed!

- Dolly, Resource Development Officer
Its true, I can attest to the fact that she's got the gift. My job requires me to sit in front of the computer almost 95% of the time, and most of the time heavy "mouse work" is needed. So the tendency is I go home at night with pain shooting up my arms to my shoulders, all the way to my lower back. I often ask Mom to take care of it, and she always does. Basta, magaling siya, its like magic! :-)

Try n'yo, you won't regret it! Call or text 0919-325-0611.


R2K said...

Mmm :) Sounds good!

apol said...

coolness te gi! classmate ko si te nels dun a.. ang galing naman. ako, nakalimutan ko na yata kung pa'no ung ibang strokes. ΓΌ try ko minsan magpa reflex sa kanya.hehehe..

dante said...

that's really nice. =)

i myself love massaging (is there such a word?), and my mother tells me i'm good at it. i really love doing it. it gives me, pleasure, too. it relaxes me. because everytime i knead someone's muscles, etc., i can feel it in my fingers, in my hands. even if i am no physical therapist i feel that i have a natural gift for finding out where to apply the pressure in a person's body to release the day's stress and tension. (hehe, sounds a bit sexy).

if only i could make a living out of massaging, i'd gladly do it. :) it's even something i'd happily do for free... :)

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Hi Alex, thanks for visiting. You are welcome here!

apol, classmates pala kayo ha. sige sabihin ko sa kanya. dapt siguro practice ka.

dante, you and my mom should meet! :o) she feels exactly the same way. hmm.. if you think you have that gift, by all means use it. use it! you can help a lot of people and be fulfilled at the same time.

turtlepace said...

ive never had a massage in my entire life..except for hilot when i was a kid. sana i can experience your mom's magic touch, stressed pa naman ako sa mga klase ko hehehe sayang nasa cebu ako.

dante said...

:) yes, it would be (or is) fulfilling... =)

i seldom do massaging... i seldom have time for it. but i really want to do more of it and hone my skills of it.

matagal ko nang gustong magpa-massage sa mga blind masseuse. i believe they're really good at what they do. because i think their sensitivity to people is more heightened than us ordinary folks. their hands would play the function of the eyes, would "feel" and "see" the needs of the client (which part of her body is stressed and tired and needs to be kneaded).

shing said...

yup! ang tita nelia, kung mag-masahe, may kasamang LOVE! o, ha? :)

Anonymous said...

turtle, pag pumunta kami ng cebu masahe ang pasalubong namin sau :-)

dante, it seems you're a natural. hayaan mo, with your good heart, your massage desires will be granted ;-)

shing, love ba ikamo? kanino pa ba magmamana yan hehe...