Monday, June 20, 2005

Back to School

Starting this week, I'm taking my classes in Web Design, yay finally! I've been waiting for this since the second quarter of last year, and now that its about to start, I can't really believe its happening haha! It amazed me how things worked out and how I was able to come up with my tuition. Proven na - God provides.

I'm also taking classes in the Asian Seminary. Oo noh, seminarista na ako hehe! My officemates and some faculty members teased me, but they supported me :-) when I stood in front of the bulletin board looking for subjects that will fit in with my schedule.

I decided to try out Dr. Zonia Tappienner's Inner Healing class, both out of curiosity and, maybe just in case, necessity. She started with questions like "In your opinion, how do other people feel about you?" and "How do you feel about yourself?" Pretty interesting class, di ba?

I also enrolled in Marcia Anderson's Old Testament which will specifically study the books of Genesis to Esther. They say to better understand the New Testament go to the Old Testament. Its like watching StarWars, to appreciate episodes IV, V, VI panoorin muna ang episodes I, II, III.

Most of my classmates are pastors, ministers, deacons and church workers. I'm not insecure, though, because I am a... a... uhm... a christian, yes, thats it hehe! My Old Testament class started with everybody introducing themselves. Since Genesis tackles origins, we are to discuss the origin of our name.

Some names were Biblical...

My name is Samuel, it means "God has heard". (Cool!)

Some were named after stars...
My name is Pilita, my mother named me after Pilita Corrales. (Wow, sige nga kanta ka nga, sample nga!)

Some were pretty creative, read as: they're just making it up.
My name is Procopio because my mother's middle name when she was still unmarried is bla bla and my father's doctor since he was a child was bla bla.. (I'm not telling you the real name and the story, ok? He might read about this and strangle me in the elevator.)

Some were just plain confused...
My name is Diego but my name is Brando. (Ano ba talaga?)

I, on the other hand, am confident about the origin of my name...

My name is Jennifer, it came from the Welsh name Guineverre... who was an adulteress... (Yaiyks!)

Pero pinilit kong bumawi...

But people call me Gigi which means... uhm.. er... galunggong? (Ngek! Anong nabawi dun, lalong lumala!)


vonjobi said...

"Its like watching StarWars, to appreciate episodes IV, V, VI panoorin muna ang episodes I, II, III."

wow! i like the comparison. but it's also important to remember that, unlike star wars, the OT came before the NT. and that interpretations of the NT should not be imposed on the OT (e.g., references to the suffering servant in the NT do not necessarily mean that isaiah was thinking of jesus when he wrote about the suffering servant). oops, heavy na ba? =)

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

i agree vonjobi, thank you ha i learned something fr u.

also, unlike StarWars which was written by G. Lucas, the OT and NT were written by prophets, kings and holy men in a span of about 2thou years. (well, who knows, maybe George Lucas could be a saint or a king someday)

hehe, heavy nga. di ko kaya, nasa genesis pa lang ako hehe.. :o)

dondon said...

hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your words of encouragement. Sana nga magbago na ang bansa natin. Can't wait to see my fellow Filipinos happy and not hungry.

brave coffee said...

"gigi", in chinese means sister. nabasa ko lang somewhere. :)

turtlepace said...

my father's nickname is gigi but with a different accent =)
im not really a fan of star wars and lotr, my fanatic friend told me i cant appreciate it nga naman if i dont watch the first parts (i saw only part 2 of both films). wala lang, share ko lang hehe.
have fun with your studies! God bless!

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

dondon, tulad ng sinabi ko, pasasaan ba at maayos din ang kalagayan ng pilipinas. ingat lagi jan.

brave coffee, hehe, very sisterly pala talaga ako :-)

turtlepace, kapangalan ko pala ang dad mo, say hi to him for me. try mo panoorin ang starwars 1-6. yung lotr i recommend basahin mo yung 3 books. reading it was a totally diff experience from just watching the trilogy, mas na-enjoy ko :o)

Jayred said...

LOL...katawa naman about the names.

Mukhang enjoy ka sa ASCM ha. Lam mo, noon ko pa gustong mag-aral sa seminary (even talked to CQ about it way back in 2001), pero di na natuloy (kasi ba naman parang aliping saguiguilid ang buhay natin sa CBN Asia noon e, LOL). Tapos yung web design din...di na rin natuloy. Anyway, I'm really happy for you! Go for it. God has birthed dreams in your heart (ang lalim no, hehe). God bless.

daniel said...

welcome back to school! iskul is cool. hehe. wala lang, nangungulit lang. :)