Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Big Dipper


I just arrived from our three-day retreat. I’m tired but my thoughts compel me to write.

“So how was the retreat?” my Mom asked.

I curled my lips as I tried to answer but no sound came out. I couldn’t think of an adjective to describe how I felt, how much I learned, what I saw, and what I discovered. My S.A.D. sickness struck again.

“Speechless, Awestruck, Dumbfounded!”

It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. It attacks when my happiness overwhelms me that I just fail to think of the right words to say. To put it simply, S.A.D. strikes me when I’m most HAPPY.

So what made me most happy?

Mostly the simple things; the smell of the morning, the falling leaves, the light drizzle, the swaying branches, the excited voices, the laughter, the big dipper… But these are just icing on the cake. What made me most happy are the people who take time listen when I pour my heart out, people who wonder if I’m cold and offer me their sweater, people who get in line for me just to get desserts, people who stop and pray for me when I’m too busy taking videos, people who steadily hold me while I’m crossing the bamboo bridge, people who laugh and still run after the Frisbee even if I throw it wrong, people who don’t find my ideas odd and my concepts puzzling – people who understand me.

And when I finally lay in bed tonight, I’d be smiling and thanking God for this experience, and for these people. This retreat was truly a thirst-quencher. I wanted needed to listen to God’s voice and I heard Him through these people lives. I heard Him loud and clear. And I was S.A.D.



Mhel said...

... ganda naman ng big dipper! actually gumawa ko ng paper about constellations before! para kong eng-eng dati kakahanap ng mga 'yan, nut 'twas fun!...
... Saya nga ng retreat! I agree!

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

oist gma, ang ganda ng blog mo ah! bulaklakin :o)