Saturday, December 25, 2004

Seeing God in Falling Leaves

My modem got busted so I went out looking for an internet cafe as I had to e-mail some friends abroad. I reckon the malls would be jampacked with people so I decided to head straight to the office. The connection there is fast and absolutely FREE, har!

After getting off the bus I crossed Ayala and walked towards Shell gas station. Its a holiday so it was close and the place was like one of those deserted gas stations in Texas or Mexico that we see in the movies. I crossed H.V. dela Costa street and headed towards Valero street. The parking spaces for motorcycles were empty as I expected. No living thing was in sight except for the big trees in front of our office building. I walked under it and heard the soft crushing of the fallen leaves under my sandals. It was about four in the afternoon and a gentle breeze blew. Leaves fell like confetti as I walked, and I admit, even if I think its semi-corny, that it was a wonderful feeling.

"Thank you.", I whispered.

God was watching me walk that street. I never imagined it would be this quiet, and "quiet" is something that I "need" right now. It was a peaceful Christmas afternoon and I enjoyed the calming walk, that few minutes that I felt the Father's presence reassuring me of His unending guidance and favor.

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