Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm not sure about her exact words but Shing said, she enjoys or it's fun seeing me panic. I was surprised by her statement-cum-lambing! She witnessed this minor panic attack I was having yesterday when I was in a rush to finish and e-mail my assignments. I guess she never saw me panic before.

Actually, i rarely express my panic. I guess our school trained us so well as advertisers not to show panic in-front of people throwing grenades at our artworks. An expressionless face always helps in front of critics, they say. But practicing the expressionless look has its disadvantage. I've learned that the more you practice your expressionless face, the more unfeeling your heart becomes. And I don't want to be some girl with a cold heart. Pero parang malapit na...

Dang! I sent the wrong grant proposal! Aaarrgh!

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