Sunday, September 05, 2004

Waiting to Inhale

I've just discovered that I can hold my breath for 1 minute. Yesterday, as I was riding an FX on my way to the office (alipin, alipin!) to check on the carpenters working on the chapel construction, my seatmate just let out a big sneeze... and another sneeze... without even covering his mouth... gosh! I can imagine the viruses floating in the air-conditioned, trapped air. I've been feeling weak all week (oh! it rhymes!) and I'm afraid if I suck up extra doses of virus it would be flu season for me. When it comes to sneeze terrorists I have a simple rule: one sneeze calls for a 30-second pause of breathing, just enough time for the aircon to remove the virus, but there were two sneezes so... hhrmp - here goes. A minute without oxygen!

While I was holding my breath, I've come to the conclusion that my life should be like this--holding my breath till all the viruses in my life is sucked out by the aircon.



While I'm typing this blog my CD player started playing "Breathe". To those of you who doesn't know this song, these are some of the lyrics:

This is the air I breathe
Your holy presence
Living in me
This is the air I breathe
Your very word
Spoken through me

Inhale... inhale... inhale...

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skyleen said...

hello pinoy pan de sal.i just readed one of your reading,I belive you are I pretty good writer.Thank you so much for your comment on my writing experience posting.excuse my grammar(ha ha ha ) i think you know that.

bye hope to talk to you soon!