Thursday, September 23, 2004


Just came home from a family racket. Gaahhd.. I'm so tired! It was a catering gig for Pete Jimenez' one-man art show in West Gallery entitled "Wired". Pete specializes in making arworks out of steel wires and metal junk. And though I'm not that fond of metal artwork (I find it cold and dull) I find his artworks.. er.. okay naman. His show will run from sept. 23 to Oct 5, so visit lang kayo. I-promote ba yung exhibit, hehe!

I just wish I brought the camera with me, tsk tsk!

Wala lang natuwa lang ako, all of a sudden may catering business na kami. We had a great time serving the guests. Nandun pa nga yung director ng "Imelda" and "American Adobo" and lots of sikat na artist pa daw yun na di ko na kilala, I lost track of all their names na. Oh, and nandun din si Laurice Guillen.

By the way, a gay director was hitting on my Dad...

Dad: Oh, nagustuhan nyo ba yung wine?

Gay director: Ikaw ang nagustuhan namin.

Me: Hwe! hwe! hwe! ;-)
And when pack-up time came, we were all laughing our butts off, grabe, ang bigat pala nung mga gamit! Wala pa kaming push-cart. While carrying it through the parking lot, laugh-a-ton kaming lahat. Oh well, maybe it was the wine.

Ngayong gabi, matutulog akong masakit ang likod.

Pero ok lang, may ngiti naman ako sa labi.

Basta, wala lang, natuwa ako...

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