Sunday, August 22, 2004

Tired Again

I didn't go to church today, I'm so tired. I was roused by an early morning phone call by Ate Bang asking me questions about our promotions. And my plans of oversleeping went "pooof" like a bubble. Inspite of that I salute the ASCM I&D department for their dedication!

Well, anyway back to the topic... I've been feeling this tiredness since about two weeks ago. Its getting to be a big problem. I can't sleep when I'm suppose to sleep. I can't wake up when I'm suppose to wake up. And I can't think because I'm always sleepy. Oh Lord! Help me! :-)

Meanwhile, I miss my cell group kulitan and the revelation moments at KFC.

And now I'm working on my gazillion assignments while my neighbors from hell are testing their new videoke machine.

Oh well, back to work. Ho-hum...


brave coffee said...

u didnt go to church again?

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Hey, nagyon lang me di nagchurch, I was there last Sunday. :-)