Wednesday, August 18, 2004

From Start to Finish
100m-dash Relationships

I just got home from a dinner date with my office mates. I'm stuffed! Sam was with us and as usual he paid for everything. I miss Sam a lot these days. He almost never comes to the office now unlike before when he was still teaching. I can't believe I miss all the bugging he does to me and all the technology talks. Most of all, I miss his being a kuya to me. I really felt bad when somebody (sick in the mind) misinterpreted our closeness. Well, I guess life is like that, you have to appreciate the person while he's still around you because you can never predict when he'll be gone.

Sam is different now, well, I guess he has always been different, but now there is a calmness in him that I've never seen before. He talked about his experiences with Dr. Chuck Quinley, my boss, and how his life was changed because of his influence. Hearing him talk about CQ like that just assures me more that I'm working with the right people. He also talked about the things he learned in his past relationships and how it affected his life eversince.

I learned a lot tonight. God really has a way of telling you things without making it too obvious that He's telling you things :-) Sam said that one must never start something one can't finish. That statement really hit me. I guess that was the mistake I made. I started (or I allowed a relationship to start) without knowing if I can really finish it. No wonder it became a hundred meter-dash relationship. Do not awaken love until it so desires. Hah, classic! But still, no regrets, I learned a lot of lessons about life.

Also, talking to Sam, you can understand how a man thinks and how they see us women. I admit, most of the time, I still don't understand the way I think, so how can I expect an ordinary man to understand me? Men oh men, this relationship thing is making me sick.

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