Thursday, August 26, 2004

I Love You, Mr. Tolkien!

Yesterday I couldn't get out of our house - I got flooded in! Today my boss declared that the school is closed. And with all my energy level lowered, the best thing to do is lie down in bed and read a book :-)

If you're a sucker for LOTR and you've read the books, I really recommend you read this one. It has the complete story of Middle Earth in all First, Second and Third Ages. The story of The Lord of the Rings happened just before the end of the Third Age. If you were awed by Tolkien's vast imagination on how he presented Middle Earth in the Trilogy, wait till you read this one. This is like the Genesis to Revelation, with Deuterocanonicals! This book blew my mind! I have always wondered who the heck Numenor was when I was reading the 3 books. Oh, and you can even read about Gandalf's origin. I love you, Mr. Tolkien, ang galing mo!

So now, I understand (almost) the dilemma of Middle Earth though I haven't read The Hobbit yet. Does anybody want to lend me his copy?

Warning! This is a little boring (confusing) in the beginning because of all the names and places that are mentioned but just read on and you'll soon get the hang of it.

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