Monday, August 09, 2004


Can I be immature for just a moment and pretend I have no responsibilities.
It would be very satisfying if I can get away for just a while, just runaway from from it all.

I need space. I need an awful lot of space.
I need air to breathe. I need to be free. I need to be me.

Weary. I'm so weary.

I need to laugh as hard and as loud as my vocal chords would permit me to.
I need to dye my hair purple.
I need to shout when everybody is quiet.
I need a tattoo. I need to be different from all of you.

I need a vacation.
I need to get away from all of this.
I need to wear socks that don't match.
I need air to breathe. I need to be free. I need to be me.

I have no time to stare at the flowers.

1 comment:

brave coffee said...

nice poem. :)

nkaka-relate me fren... :)me, i'm weary/tired of my sin. i'm weary/tired having a pity party. i'm tired of pleasing people. i'm tired of adjusting always to people's needs. and the list goes on what i'm weary of these days...

in connection 2 dat, e2 pa po isang word sa kin ni God. in Isaiah 30:15 " In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. "

ang lalim pla nitong word na to kung isipin mo... nandun p nga lng me sa first part - in repentance and rest is your salvation e, both literally and in real life application.

e2 ung npgbulay-bulay ko... :) nagrepent na me. but it doesnt end der. u also got 2 rest. rest from wat? rest means to cease working or exerting oneself for a time or cease activity. rest from wat? to cease from the things dat hurt God most? to cease from doing sin? dats my interpretation in my life...

masyado me naiintriga sa mga words na weary, rest,burdened these days... hehe... :) bat kaya?