Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just something I have to deal with

This morning Miss X, my editor, took me with her as her photographer to a press launch in Four Season’s golf club. Tag Heuer is introducing an Arab spokesperson. After the Burj al Arab experience wherein I got a few grams of gold as a giveaway inside the press kit I was expecting that Tag Heuer will give out watches. Sadly, we didn’t get any press kits this time as the venue was jam-packed with media people. But it was okay because we later found out that there were no watches inside those press kits. If there were I would’ve thrown myself to the man-made waterfalls on the golf course.

But watches and gold is not the reason why I’m writing about this post. I am writing this because today it felt strange that I’m here in this country doing this job and having these extravagant experiences. Sure, I've been to almost everywhere high and low in Manila. But lets face it - Manila is Manila and this is Dubai - one of the fastest growing tourist destination this century. Because of this job I get to go to these nice places and eat fancy food and receive extravagant gifts. It is unbelievable and I’m happy because I get to experience them. This is a one heck of a prosperous place, abundant with anything money can buy.

Sometimes it all gets to me and I can’t digest the reality that on the other side of the world there are people I know that sleep without even eating dinner because they don’t have the money for it. Some kids in the neighbourhood I grew up in quit school and are forced to work just to have enough money to buy food. I see food being served here, so expensive I just point it out on the menu because I can’t even pronounce the name. On some mornings I see loads of bread thrown away because they've exceeded their expiry date. I remember the children who go through Jollibee's garbage hoping to find a piece of fried chicken with enough meat on it.

My chest hurts when I think about this - that it is an unfair world.

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