Sunday, March 02, 2008


To prevent boredom due to cultural adjustments, homesickness and unemployment I made some (tadah!) wallpapers! Quotes are from the Bible. Photos are grunged a bit and colors subdued so it won't interfere with your desktop icons. Resolution is set to 1600x1200. If your screen resolution is different (e.g. widescreen) please leave a note in the comment section and tell me your exact screen resolution. You can find that out by right-clicking on the desktop then choose Display Properties for XP or Personalize if you're running on Vista. I'll gladly whip up something for you in my graphics kitchen.

Possible wallpaper

Multitude wallpaper

Call wallpaper

Plans wallpaper

Graphics work is one of the ways I encourage so I sincerely hope that somehow these verses and artworks help brighten your day everytime you open your computers in the morning. That's it. I Hope you like it. Happy downloading! :-)


Nice said...

hello! i found your blog because I am looking for some info about YMCA badminton court's rates and contacts. And tadah! I am here na.

I've read your "Sports Life" post and your recent ones. One thing I notice, your way of writing has evolved. From 2005, which was quite simple; Now, you're way up there! Galing! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Asteeg naman ng mga wallpapers!! *Drool* Sayang di pwedeng palitan yung wallpaper sa office. Tsk! Saka na lang pag may desktop na'ko sa bahay. Haha! Galeng galeng!! =) God bless, Gigi!

Azl Alarcon said...

Ganda nito!!! Way to go talaga, Gigi!

Jayred said...

The designs are really cool. My personal favorite is the "I know the plans I have for you..." wallpaper. I have to hang on to this promise kasi sometimes I feel ang major calling ko dito sa Switzerland ay paglalaba lamang. LOL.

Seriously, it's always good to be able to use the talents and skills the Lord has gifted you with to spread the Word.

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Nice, that's very encouraging. Thanks!

Arturooo! Long time no see, dude! What have you been doing?

Azl, thanks. Nainspire lang ako sa pagka techy mo sa blog mo.

Ate Jay, I say amen. Nainspire din ako sa iyo on how you use your writing talents fro the mnistry.