Monday, August 13, 2007

Thrilla in Manila? Wait... Cebu pala!

Practice pa lang ito...

This is not CGI graphics, its real! It was even featured on local tv and and on BBC and Yahoo!.

And out of the 13,000 plus comments, my favorite was "That chick is hot!"
May sumagot pa: "That chick is a dude!"



Jayred said...

Funny naman yung comments, ahahaha!

I saw this video on CNN last August 1. Tawa kami nang tawa.

I also blogged about it here:

Only in the Philippines ito!

saritalad said...

ok talaga ang pinoy...talented!!:) galing ng "thriller" version nila ah!!:)....the 2nd video is not available...sayang didn't able to watch it!:(

Arthur said...

Ahahaha! Ang lupet!! Walang kaparis!!! Hahaha!