Monday, January 02, 2006

Goaling night

I’ve been sitting here in bed thinking about my goals this New Year. Why do we have to make ‘em? Wouldn’t it be more exciting if we just let things happen?

Its difficult to plan goals. You have to pray and listen to what God is saying. Don’t go against His flow or else its full speed ahead - on the wrong direction.

Family, Career, Financial, Social, Spiritual… I need to make goals for these. Argh! I don’t have any yet!

So folks, for lack of tangible goals, I will present to you my temporary goals this year 2006.

  • GOAL 1 -Fall in love
  • GOAL 2 - If goal 1 doesn’t work, leave the country and fall in love there.

Teka, parang laging kasali yung love noh?!

This is all my mom’s fault! Haha! :-)


Anonymous said...

Di priority ang "fall in love" goal, hehe.

Kidding aside, love will find you at the right time, in the right place (naks, drama ba?).

appled said...

oh... different from my goal. to fall out of love naman ako. hehehe.

Patrice said...

Haha, bata ka pa naman ata! Nung 31 na ako, kinkulit na ako ng parents ko na mag-asawa. As in ha! Kailan daw ako makakaron ng bf at kung kailan daw ako ikakasal. Grabe!

jen ni dzune said...

falling in will come like a thief in the night...he he...darating na lang yan! when the right person comes...sabihin mo kay mama mo wag siya you ghie!

Anonymous said...

ako din gusto kung mag fall in love!! hehe may God bless all of us..

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

jayred, drama ah.. ayos! :-)

appled, natawa ako sa goal mo! bakit ba lagi kang salungat hehe..

patrice, ang mga parents talaga ang lakas ng pressure. yung mama ko naman apo ang pinangkukulit! :-)

jen, ala theif in the night ba si dzune? hahaha!

nikki, sige lang, pag nainlove ka na i-tsismis mo sa akin ha :-)