Friday, July 29, 2005

Diving In

Have you ever experienced diving? The excited tension that you feel upon standing on the poolside or on a boat at sea. The energy you sense all over your body as you position yourself before the jump. The fear and doubt that you undergo knowing that if you make a mistake you’ll be hurt.

And finally you breathe in and jump…

If you’ve never done this, you need to try it while you’re still here on earth. Diving is the closest thing to flying, they say. And I can’t agree more. The moment you leap in there’s no turning back, otherwise your hesitation will hurt you.

* * * * *

“Hesitation can kill you. Dive in!”

My boss said this as Shing and I were doing the urong-sulong dance to cross a busy street in Makati. We were on our way back to the office after a free lunch in a classy restaurant. “Does this apply to everything?” I jokingly asked as he is always full of insights about business, the arts, the faith, and life in general. His genuine concern has guided me in this past few years that I’ve worked for him and I can say that I’ve changed a great deal, and I’m not only talking about career here.

“Yes. You have to be decisive.” He answered. “You can only do so much research and preparation but in the end you will have to make a decision.”

To our surprise he connected it to the subject of love and marriage. He asked us about some developments in our love life. Yes, I tell him all my thoughts and updates on my life about that particular subject. Its true, that in the end you have to decide to love (or not love) that somebody or else your hesitation could hurt you deeply.

Diving could be scary at first, but its totally liberating!

And by the way, be sure you know how to swim, ok? :-)


Anonymous said...

Kapatid may punto ka dito. Alam mo sa totoo lang di ako marunong lumangoy pero nasubukan ko one time na magdive di naman masyadong malalim naku di ko alam kung saan ako pupunta dahil di ako makahinga. Ganon din sa life natin, (lovelife, spiritual life, etc.) when it comes to decision BUT IF you TRUST GOD, Bingo!!! Kaya ako noong nagdecide mag asawa talagang tinanong ko si Lord kung sya na ba then I ask confirmation? tapos pinakita din sa guy ang mga confirmations. Then we decided to marry. Hindi dahil dumadagdag ang edad kundi dahil it's a perfect time for both of us. Kaya sis, wag kang mag-alala sa lovelife na yan may nakalaan para sayo, SPECIAL PA!!!

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

salamat sa comment mo miss anonymous! di (pa) naman ako nag-aalala, hawak ng Diyos ang oras natin. there will be a perfect time for everything... and everyone. kaya friend, sana magpakilala ka hehe! :-)

Mhel said...

... Kaya siguro hindi ako makadive kasi hindi ako marunong lumangoy! *idea* mag-aaral na lang muna ako. he!he!he!...
... Thanks for always being a friend. God Bless you, too Girl! :)

Jayred said...

Ganda naman ng diving pic.

I dunno how to dive, pero sa tingin ko this is one sport na hindi ko gagawin ever in my lifetime. Baka yan pa ang ikamatay ko. LOL. :-)

(Bait naman ni CQ. Mega counseling.)

shing said...

yes...when you decide to dive, enjoy the exhiliration na alng, wala nang hesitation...*winks*