Sunday, October 17, 2004

College Favorites

The college barkading had a kita-kits this morning for a baptismal and birthday celebration. Gosh! Its been almost two years since I've seen them, and now I miss them even more.

And every kita-kits is a time to remember our days in the university. So this entry is dedicated to the memory of our college days when all we cared about was polishing our artistic skills and all our artworks were pure and untainted by the industry's dictate. Enter harp music for reminiscing, hehe!

Favorite Hangouts

  1. Gazeebo - By the soccer field, right in front of Beato Angelico Building. This is where we wait for everybody to arrive so we can all go to class or to anywhere we need to be. The view is refreshing specially in the morning during magic hour as the photographers would say. Pine trees gently swaying, birds singing their morning songs and a light mist combines with the angled sunlight. Hmmm.. I could almost smell the freshly cut grass.
  2. Bato - A large monolith in front of Engineering building. There are benches all around it, good for hintayan (waiting)
  3. Soccer Field - A vast expanse of green, siyempre dito masarap tumunganga

Favorite Restos and Vendos
  1. Grill House - Sizzling, cheap and delicioso. Plus overflowing gravy!
  2. S & R Thai - Spicy Thai food, yum!
  3. Tigers Shawarma! - named after the UST Growling Tigers (na talo ngayon sa UAAP)
  4. Almers - Super sarap sizzling food with bottomless iced tea
  5. CAFA-Eng Canteen - The best canteen inside Uste. Hamburgers, tacos, hotdogs and giant meatballs. Oh, and don't forget the oatmeal bars.
  6. Cafa 3rd Floor Vendo - good for short breaks and patakas na merienda
  7. Varsitarian - In-front of the Univ Hospital. Hamburger and Coke lang na-try ko dito! Plus background sounds that goes like this: Paging driver Tuklaw... driver Tuklaw, please proceed to the main entrance. Nyahaha!

Favorite Subjects
  1. Freehand Drawing - This is an outdoor subject wherein we sit on grass or cement or wherever just so we can draw trees, pillars, arcs and fountains.
  2. Photography - Only manual cameras are allowed. Very technical and challenging but very fulfilling.
  3. Anatomy - This is where we draw the nude subjects
  4. Typography - Madugo (bloody) study of fonts and their origins and to what families they belong (I never thought fonts were so complicated)
  5. Advertising Design - This is where we learned how to be effective in visual communication

Favorite Bands
  1. Eraserheads - Overdrive (we made an MTV using claymation)
  2. Rivermaya - Ulan, Himala, Elesi
  3. True Faith - Perfect, Ambon lang yan
  4. Joey Ayala - Haring Ibon
  5. Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
  6. Grace Nono - Song about Lanao River
  7. Matchbox 20 - Push
  8. The Cranberries - Linger

How fast time flies :-) Now we're all stressed out, haha! I wish there's a soccer field in our office.

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