Saturday, August 14, 2004

Josephs in the Office of Many Colors

Just this week we painted recycled boxes for extra storage. We stretched, bended and tiptoed inside our little office space just to avoid being blotched with paint. Beats working out in the gym. And I really liked what we did. Instead of the typical monochrome, we painted them in different colors. Haah! Our office is now the office of many colors. I just hope we don't become Josephs.

Meanwhile, an officemate revealed to me certain stories that, somehow, I already knew. Stories about pride, envy and the all-time Filipino favorite - gossip. Yep, some people just can't live without gossip. Usually, gossipers or in this case gossipettes, if there's such a word, are people who show you their good face and stab you in the back at the same time. Gossip, I think, is inflamed by envy. When Joseph was favored by his father Jacob, the brothers were all burning with envy. This made them unconciously do evil things to Joseph. But in the end what they did was all for the good of everybody.

This made think. Are we going to endure hardships in Egypt before the "good" actually happens? I can't help but consider the idea of revenge. What can I say? I'm still human. And with all my Tondo upbringing still inside me, being tolerant of the situation is a tough job. There are days that I pretend it doesn't affect me. I tell myself that I'm just here to work but in my heart i know its not true. I'm here to make a difference. I'm determined to make a damn big diference!

We'll, if I lose my temper I'll just beat them up with the boxes :-)

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Anonymous said...

Sino yung gossipette?