Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Return of the King

Somebody gave me tickets to the advanced screening of Lord of the Rings, yippee! I'm so happy, happy, and happy! It's what I've always wanted; to watch it in surround sound, with comfy seats and the honor of being one of the first among the Filipino race to watch this most awaited Return of the King! But I never wished for it; because deep inside this doubtful brain is the thought: Naaah! Not gonna happen! Here I go again putting God in a box over a matter as small as this. Hello!

On the lighter side...
In the US it's already in the theatres but here in the Philippines I think its sometime in third week of January. So that means in the U.S. the ring is already melting in the fires of Mount Doom, here it still hanging in Frodo's necklace as they try to escape the orcs. In the U.S. Gollum is dead, but here he's still wandering in the wastelands of Mordor. In the U.S. Aragorn is crowned king, here he's still in Dwimorberg fulfilling the prophecy about him taking the Paths of the Dead. Ughrmm..

Back to the heavy stuff...
But I've been slapped in the face again of the fact of how little faith I have. I should be ashamed of myself.. sniff.. sniff. I'm sorry. Ok, enough! Now that I've realized that, I'm back to being "Im so happy, happy, and happy!"

Hail! Aragorn!